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Discover the latest features in our Mac, web and iOS apps.

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  1. Automatic saves for Workspace documents

    We automatically and regularly save your Workspace documents as you design — this means you don’t need to manually save at all unless you want to create a version. If you want to mark a specific milestone or moment of progress, you can quickly create a new version — and add a description or a star — by using ^S.

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  2. New prototype player

    We’ve rolled out a brand new prototype player that works across the Mac, web and iOS apps. With our new prototype player, playing your prototypes should feel smoother, faster, and more reliable. We also now support advanced display effects like background blurs on scrolling Artboards.

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  3. Foresight 🤝 Tidy

    Foresight now works with the Tidy button in the Inspector — you’ll now see a preview when you hover over it, giving you a better idea of how your changes will look. Tidy now also works on both the horizontal and vertical axis, making it even easier to align layers.

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  4. Version 99.5 is available to download

    Our latest update to the Mac app includes support for Foresight with Tidy, an improved Layer menu, a new prototype player, and removes the need to manually save Workspace documents. Plus, you’ll also find several other smaller improvements and fixes.

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  5. Sketch in 2023

    What’s happened in 2023? Well, quite a lot! From closing the feedback loop and making on-Canvas comments available across Sketch, to taking a major leap forward with Smart Layout — there’s a lot to cover! So let’s recap on a pretty big year.

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  6. Taking Smart Layout beyond Symbols

    Smart Layout is now available in groups and Artboards, bringing more control and convenience to your work. We’ve also made plenty of great improvements to Smart Layout, including new keyboard shortcuts, Foresight support, and a whole lot more.

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  7. Version 99 is available to download

    Our latest Mac update includes some major improvements to Smart Layout — bringing it to groups and Artboards, along with a host of handy improvements. This release also includes a number of other smaller improvements and fixes.

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  8. Better sorting and filtering

    When you’re browsing or searching for documents in the web app, you can now filter the view to show only documents with prototypes or documents you can edit. Within projects, you can ungroup collections to display all documents individually in your results. We’ve also added a new sorting feature, to help you organize your documents by name, date created, or last updated. Whichever you choose, you can sort your results in ascending or descending order.

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  9. New sharing modal

    We‘ve redesigned our sharing modal to give you more control over what you share inside and outside your Workspace. Instead of a combined list, we’ve split access settings into three tabs, giving you a quick overview of what you’re sharing, where, and with whom. This update also lets you invite Guests to projects as Viewers, making it easier to share your work with people outside the Workspace.

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  10. Dark mode

    We’ve enabled dark mode in the web app. You can choose between Light or Dark or have the web app match your system settings. To try it out, open your Account menu (that shows your profile image) at the bottom of the left sidebar, then select an option from the Appearance menu.

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